Friday, July 22, 2005

Fios Update

As I stated in my previous post, Verizon is scheduled to come light the fiber to our house on Tuesday. Yesterday when I got home I found a flyer on the door handle, telling me that Housley Communications, LTD — a subcontractor I suppose — will be "placing telephone cable for Verizon at your home. Work will be done in the front utility easement. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact..." then it gave a 1-800 number.

Today as I was pulling into the driveway I saw a pickup truck leaving, with a trailer full of cables and digging equipment. That must have been the subcontractor who had just finished burying the fiber-optic cable. They pulled the drop all the way from the other edge of our neighbor's front yard, along the strip of lawn sandwiched between the street and the walkway, and then turned a 90 degree angle, terminated at the side of our house. They actually did a pretty good job: you can hardly tell they dug up the sod.

I took some pictures on the side of our house where the cable terminated:
The rightmost line is the optical fiber with a hard-plastic jacket. The extra cable at the end is twisted into a circle to be connected to the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) on Tuesday.

This is the marking on the cable.

And finally, this is the end of the fiber-optic cable. You can see it must have been tunneled through mud, and wrapped in electrical tape.

I'll post another update once I am on the fiber connection.


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