Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Google Map with satellite view

My blog is quickly turning into a google blog. But what can I do? They just have so many cool new features so appealing to a geek.

This morning as I was walking in, our UI guru stopped me, "have you looked at google map since yesterday? They've got satellite images now." Sure enough, on the top right hand corner of the google map page there is a link called "Satellite" with the obligatory New! attached to it. When you click on it you'll see the satellite image exactly as the map you are looking at. The cool thing is, everything you can do to the map, you can do to the sattellite view. Try to get a direction, or do a local search on "starbucks" in your area.


Anonymous satellite photo's said...

Rong, did you know that the placement of a donkey's eyes in its' skull enables it to see all four of its’ feet at all times? Find these and other obscure satellite imagery

4:47 PM  

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