Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Firefox Underground

I ran into this little firefox hack a while back that does wonders for your love/hate relationship with google, if you are using firefox (doesn't everyone?). Mark Pilgrim's "Butler" strips out most Google ads, removes copying restrictions in Google Print, adds alternative search results to nearly every Google service. It's "sticking it to the man", without diminishing google's usefulness.

But today after I did a completely clean reinstall of firefox (which apparently fixed the weird gmail browser detection problem), I had a really hard time finding it again (must be google's conspiracy to hide it from search results :). So I am posting it here to remind myself in the future.


Anonymous Michael Slattery said...

I only have a love/love relationship with google. Any complaints I have are pretty minor.

Don't you like it? Don't you like that it's free? This kind of utility will only hurt Google and the rest of us as widespread use will force free services to become "unfree".

1:48 PM  

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