Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hello Google, goodbye blogger (well, sort of)

As many of my dear readers have come to known (yes, I am talking to both of you), I recently started at Google, and my blog postings will probably be even less frequent than they are now. For two reasons: one, there is just so much to do at Google, I won't have time to put up my random thoughts any more; two, Google is very strict on what can and cannot be talked about outside the company, so the stuff I am doing I probably can't talk about in a public blog. Which drives me nuts as there are so many interesting things happening here. If you want to find out, you should apply for Google. :)


Anonymous Matt Moye said...

Congrats on receiving you’re job at Google! I’ve had a couple people interview there and they really enjoyed it. I know of one of your colleague’s that decided to join my side of the world (hedge funds), but I’ve heard some cool feedback about Mountain View. Best of luck! -MM

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